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Delta Morning

I sit along side the delta watching the fishermen
Sitting in there chairs: on rocks and sand
Watching their poles with great expectations
Fishing takes a lot of dedication
Across the river a helicopter advances
Two workers hang from a thirty foot line
Taking there chances
Gently they are set on top of the tower
The helicopter hovering it’s enormous power
Quickly they work and detach equipment
Hook it to the helicopter to send the shipment
Off he goes to the other side of the river
To drop it’s load it must deliver
A few minutes later he crosses over
With new equipment he must hover
Twenty mile an hour winds
Makes the helicopter spin
A little to the left, swaying the prize
Two men two hundred feet high
Patiently waiting
Not anticipating
No reaching for the heavy piece
Waiting for the helicopter to release
Gently it sets on the platform
The men bolt it down and releases the cord
Few minutes later the helicopter lowers the men
The men walk over to an electric grid
A few minutes later they hook up for a ride
One hundred feet over the river to the other side”

Excerpt From: Timothy M Nugent. “Travels with the Wild Man Volume IV.” iBooks.